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Ankara and mosque wza.jpg
capital, metropolitan municipality in Turkey, second largest city, city with millions of inhabitants
official nameAnkara Edit
native labelAnkara Edit
demonymAnkaralı Edit
official languageTurkish Edit
continentAsia Edit
countryTurkey Edit
capital ofTurkey, Ankara Province Edit
located in the administrative territorial entityAnkara Province Edit
located in or next to body of waterÇubuk, Hatip Edit
coordinate location39°55′48″N 32°51′0″E Edit
office held by head of governmentmayor of Ankara Edit
head of governmentMansur Yavaş Edit
located in time zoneUTC+03:00 Edit
postal code06000–06999 Edit
official website Edit
hashtagAnkara Edit
Köppen climate classificationcold semi-arid climate, warm and dry summer continental climate Edit
local dialing code312 Edit
geography of topicgeography of Ankara Edit
history of topichistory of Ankara Edit
licence plate code06 Edit
category for mapsCategory:Maps of Ankara Edit
maintained by WikiProjectWikiProject Ankara Edit

Ankara yε kro titiriw a ewo Turkey.