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Kongeriket Norge
Kongeriket Noreg
Norgga gonagasriika
Flag of Norway.svg Coat of arms of Norway.svg
National anthem = Ja, vi elsker dette landet
Norway on the globe (Europe centered).svg
Kuro Oslo
Area 385 207[1] km2
Population estimate 5 328 212[2] (2019)
Population density 13.8 / km2 (213.)
Time zone
Time zone Summer
CET +1
CET +2
Calling code +47
CCTLD (Internet) .no[3]
Map Norway political-geo.png


Nɔwei (Kongeriket Norge / Noreg) yε ɔman. Kro titiriw wɔ Oslo.


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  3. Two more TLDs have been assigned, but are not used: .sj for Svalbard and Jan Mayen; .bv for Bouvet Island