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country, sovereign state, Mediterranean country
part ofNorth Africa Edit
inception5 July 1962 Edit
official nameالجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية, la République algérienne démocratique populaire Edit
short name🇩🇿 Edit
official languageArabic, Standard Algerian Berber Edit
anthemKassaman Edit
cultureculture of Algeria Edit
motto textبالشّعب وللشّعب, By the people and for the people[, От народа и за народа, Amb el poble i per al poble, Tourism for everybody Edit
continentAbibiman Edit
countryAlgeria Edit
capitalAlger Edit
located in or next to body of waterMediterranean Sea Edit
coordinate location28°0′0″N 1°0′0″E Edit
coordinates of easternmost point23°30′0″N 12°0′0″E Edit
coordinates of northernmost point37°5′42″N 7°12′12″E Edit
coordinates of southernmost point18°58′5″N 3°21′27″E Edit
coordinates of westernmost point27°18′55″N 8°40′1″W Edit Edit
highest pointMount Tahat Edit
lowest pointChott Melrhir Edit
office held by head of statePresident of Algeria Edit
head of stateAbdelmadjid Tebboune Edit
office held by head of governmentPrime Minister of Algeria Edit
head of governmentAbdelaziz Djerrad Edit
legislative bodyParliament of Algeria, Council of the Nation Edit
central bank Edit
located in time zoneUTC+01:00 Edit
currencyAlgerian dinar Edit
driving sideright Edit
electrical plug typeType E, Schuko, Europlug Edit
ethnic groupArabized Berber, Europeans Edit
IPA transcriptionɑlʂəˈɾiː Edit
flagflag of Algeria Edit
coat of armsEmblem of Algeria Edit
has qualitynot-free country Edit
top-level Internet Edit
geography of topicgeography of Algeria Edit
history of topichistory of Algeria Edit
mobile country code603 Edit
country calling code+213 Edit
emergency phone number14, 17, 9999, 1548, 1055 Edit
GS1 country code613 Edit
licence plate codeDZ Edit
maritime identification digits605 Edit
Unicode character🇩🇿 Edit
railway traffic sideleft Edit
category for mapsCategory:Maps of Algeria Edit
Algeria (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Algeria.svg

Algeria (ليبيا) ye oman. Kro titiriw Kro titiriw wɔ Alger. Emu nipa dodoɔ yɛ 41.657.488 (2018).[1]


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