Napoléon Bonaparte

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Napoléon Bonaparte
Napoleon I of France by Andrea Appiani.jpg
part ofNapoleon I of France and Josephine Edit
sex or gendermale Edit
country of citizenshipFrance Edit
name in native languageNapoléon Bonaparte Edit
birth nameNapulione Buonaparte, Napoleone di Buonaparte Edit
given nameNapoléon Edit
family nameBonaparte Edit
date of birth15 ɔsannaa 1769 Edit
place of birthAjaccio Edit
date of death5 Kotonimma 1821 Edit
place of deathLongwood House Edit
manner of deathnatural causes Edit
cause of deathstomach cancer Edit
place of burialCathédrale Saint-Louis-des-Invalides Edit
fatherCarlo Bonaparte Edit
motherLetizia Bonaparte Edit
spouseJoséphine de Beauharnais, Marie Louise I, Duchess of Parma, Joséphine de Beauharnais Edit
childNapoleon II, Charles Léon, Alexandre Colonna-Walewski, Eugen Megerle von Mühlfeld Edit
relativeCamillo Borghese, 6th Prince of Sulmona, Stéphanie de Beauharnais, Eugène de Beauharnais, Napoleon III Edit
familyHouse of Bonaparte Edit
native languageCorsican Edit
languages spoken, written or signedFrench Edit
writing languageFrench Edit
position heldEmperor of the French Edit
nameНаполеон I Бонапарт Edit
member ofFrench Academy of Sciences Edit
educated atÉcole Militaire, Paris Edit
residenceSaint Helena, Ajaccio, Paris, Elba Edit
work period (start)1789 Edit
work period (end)1821 Edit
ethnic group Edit
religionCatholicism, deism Edit
medical conditionepilepsy Edit
participant inFrench Revolution Edit
military rankbrigadier general Edit
conflictNapoleonic Wars Edit
archives atLouis Round Wilson Library, Defence Historical Service Edit
significant eventcoup of 18 Brumaire, Coronation of Napoleon I Edit
mountVizir, Marengo, Q3204197 Edit
has works in the collectionNational Museum of World Cultures, Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, Netherlands Photo Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Charents Museum of Literature and Arts Edit
copyright status as a creatorcopyrights on works have expired Edit

Napoléon Bonaparte (1770 – 1821) yε France amansɛm.